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September 2020

Releases in September

Relevant support articles are added as links.

  • Fixed an issue where deleted HR field were causing errors
  • Fixed an issue with the integration wizards which were not automatically moving to the next set up step
  • Launched the ability to link fields within Appogee HR.
  • UI changes to Leave Profiles
  • Fixed an issue with the scheduled data export in Leave
  • Fixed an issue where the CSV user import was issuing an error if no team was selected
  • Tweaked the newly designed load bar which was showing in the wrong place
  • Fixed an issue where linked fields were causing a visibility issue on former employee profiles
  • Added ability to restore a retracted Company Document Acknowledgement Request
  • Made a change so the employee switcher dropdown would disappear if nothing was selected
  • Added ability to bulk update Carry Over using the Bulk Adjust Allowance tool
  • Added ability to sync Bank Details through the Xero Integration for UK customers