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August 2020

Releases in August

Relevant support articles are added as links. 

  • Small tweaks to the UI
    • New page loading icon
    • Removed name from top right corner
    • Smaller employee ribbon
    • Fixed an issue with switching employee so the Job Title now updates
    • Fixed an issue with TOIL approvals showing 'undefined' request types in the alerts panel
  • Added ability to create custom tables in HR Process areas
    • Configure under Process Config > HR Categories & Fields
  • Fixed an issue where the virtual team approval settings were not saving properly
  • Changed usability on past compulsory leave dates 
    • Show in grey as they are in the past
  • Improved usability for Company Docs
    • Quick Add button takes you to the New Company Doc dialog
    • Preview Company Document dialog no longer shows Download button
    • Added support for .xslm files
  • Fixed an issue where some requests were not being created through the Backfill CSV tool
  • Fixed an issue where some requests could not be approved by HR Managers
  • Added stats by ADU onto Usage Page
  • Fixed an issue where some Team Managers were unable to view Leave or Sickness Attachments
  • Improvements to Reviews Feature
    • Added the ability to add Topics into 360 feedback as well as Manager/Employee Assessment
    • Added the ability to download the Review Doc and 360 Feedback as a PDF
  • Fixed an issue where the currency symbols were not showing if you imported salaries in bulk
  • Fixed an issue in tables where numbers were not rounding properly