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July 2020

Releases in July

Relevant support articles are added as links.  

  • Added the ability for an employee to request a performance review
  • Added the option for Managers to schedule next review on completion of a performance review
    • Includes option reminders X weeks before the scheduled review date
    • Automatically preserves review settings from the latest review for the scheduled review
  • Fixed an issue where you could not 'nudge' an employee for an outstanding Company Doc acknowledgement
  • Fixed an issue where Company Docs actions were being dismissed for all employees instead of just one
  • Tweaked the UI in Leave Data export 
    • Scheduled reports do not have a 'created by' option as they are automated, so the view has been updated to reflect this
  • Fixed an issue where Company Docs were not working for some Team Managers
  • Added Compulsory Days 
    • Compulsory Leave Days during which employees must take leave
    • Compulsory Work Days during which employees are not allowed to take leave
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to approve Leave Requests