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June 2020

Releases in June

Relevant support articles are added as links.  

  • Company Docs update
    • Support Articles: Company Docs, Reviews & Versions and Acknowledgements
    • Improved UI - new list and grid views with key metrics - policy read and acknowledgment counts
    • New document upload process so you can set up acknowledgement requests at the same time as creating new policies
    • Text formatting options for internal notes
    • Improvements to the reviews process - set up schedules for document reviews 
    • Added Versioning capabilities so you can keep all acknowledgement history for previous versions of  documents
    • Report to show you acknowledgements of all documents by a particular user or team
  • New UI for Employee Records and consistent upload process for records in line with above changes to Company Docs
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Employee Export from working
  • Fixed an issue where allowances were calculated without the 'Carry Over Expiry' amount
  • Leave Data Export update
    • Support Article: Data Export
    • Added ability to create export templates
    • Added ability to set up exports to run on a weekly/monthly schedule
    • Added ability to create filters in the export
    • Added ability to choose the fields included in the export
  • Added ability for users with the HR Manager role to delete Shout-outs
  • Added support for more currencies