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April 2020

Releases in April

Relevant support articles are added as links. 

  • Fixed an issue where the system was freezing in preview mode (HR Config) 
    • Due to additional Currency and Number field implementation
  • Improvements to the handling to tables in HR Config
    • Added prevention of hiding a table if the table fields are not hidden
  • Fixed an issue where the Dashboard search button was not working on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where leave data in Performance Reviews was showing data from the wrong time period
  • Changed wording on one of the automated emails
  • Fixed an issue where Checklists could not be reassigned by admins
  • Updates to daily digest email 
  • Added ability to mark leave/sick types as busy or free in G Suite and O365 integrated accounts
  • Fixed an issue with the Xero Sync causing an error in the audit
  • Fixed an issue with the benefits table
    • Running a report with benefits table created an issue with filtering
  • Added ability to request leave/sick over an existing request
    • Support for clashing requests, support doc here
  • Released a new Outlook Add-in