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Option to choose between "Busy" and "Free" option i calendar entries, pr. Leave Type.


In these Corona days many people are working from home. We use Appogee to track this through some Leave requests.

When the request is synced to Google Calendar the entry is set to "Busy", which is a problem because others calendar requests are rejected.

We need an option on each Leave Request Type, where we can configure whether the calendar entry synced to Google Calendar should be set to "Busy" or free "Free". For vacation "Busy" would be correct, but for working from home "Free" would be correct.



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  • This has now been implemented. 

    You can configure whether leave types show as busy or free by going to Process Config > Leave Types and go into each Leave Type to change. 

    This works for both G Suite and Office 365 integrated calendars. 


    Appogee HR

  • Thanks - works nicely.

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