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Define busy periods where leave may not be accepted

In our organization, certain periods of the year are busy periods and we would like a method of informing employees that leave that is submitted during this period may not be accepted for this reason. 

Additionally, it would be useful if whilst looking at the Year at a Glance calendar if it was immediately obvious when these busy periods were so that employees could plan their leave accordingly. Potentially, being able to colour code this calendar into green/yellow/red for each team would be a good solution for this. This should also then be made clear to the leave approver as well when they are deciding whether to approve the request.

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  • Agree with Catherine. As a sport organisation with numerous events, this would be hugely helpful for us. Managers & staff currently need to check in two places for potential conflicts.
    Ideally, we could import a csv file, add events in a similar concept to managing public holidays.

  • Just to add to this, it would be necessary to be able to do this at team level rather than ADU level as different teams are affected by different peaks in the year. 

  • Hi all 

    Thanks for your support of this feature. I'm pleased to let you know it's now been added to the system under 'Compulsory Days' where you can define periods of mandatory leave, or mandatory work. 

    The support article can be found here: Compulsory Days.

    Hope this helps! 


    Appogee HR

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