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February 2020

releases in February

  • Tweaks to the bulk update profile tool
  • Tweaks to the Performance Review feature
    • To make save as draft simpler
    • To fix an issue which meant you couldn't include 'Office Location' in the review
    • To fix an issue where Save as Draft button was disabled
    • Better handling of 360 Feedback with ADUs
    • To fix an issue where attachments weren't showing
    • Added ability to configure default field within each Review Type Template
  • Additional 'All Reviews' Page
    • Including capability to view by Virtual Team
  • Fixes to Bradford Factor calculation
    • Grouping employees better
    • Improved handling of public holidays
  • Improvements to the Employee ribbon and switcher
    • Better handling of the ADU hierarchy
  • Improvement to Team and Org Chart pages
    • Prevent display of Former employees
  • Fix to remove unnecessary tabs from appearing in Managers comments in Performance Reviews when in Edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Carry Over Expiry' row was not showing in allowances table 
  • Fixed an issue where the Goal Report would not work if there were no Goals in the selected period
  • Updated trial page translations
  • Fixed an issue with the Xero integration that occurred in certain circumstances
    • Was not showing users from different ADUs
  • Security improvements to the Admin role
    • This removed access from tools which are intended only for HR Managers only, including the Allowance Calculator and Reporting.
  •  Provided a mechanism for restricting access to key HR Success features during upgrade trials.
  • Introduced a significant update to Appogee HR notifications to provide Appogee Leave workflow notifications even when not logged in to Appogee HR.
    • Controlled by the browser and supported on all platforms except iOS.  
    • Provides support for getting (eg) notification alerts of Leave requests to be approved on Android phones.
    • Controlled per device through Notification settings under Account Preferences.