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January 2020

Releases in January 2020

  • Fixed an issue with G Suite/ O365 import user function
    • Was getting stuck on one stage
  • Added more sticky headers 
    • We introduced sticky headers to tables in November, here we have introduced it in more places
  • Made tweaks to the new CSV import tool 
    • Was limited to 100 users per upload
  • Fixed an issue where certain users were unable to remove demo data
  • Fixed an issue where open sickness requests were spanning two leave years
    • Admins were unable to amend or cancel the sick request if it rolled over into a new Leave Year
  •  Updates to the Alerts Panel
    • When requesting a Company Document Acknowledgement the action was not appearing straight away in the panel
  • Updated the Demo Data for improved trial experience
  • Updated the Trial Tour for improved experience 
  • Updated all 2021 public holidays 
    • These can now be added to calendars by going to Process Config > Public Holidays. Import Defaults.
  • Improved settings behaviour for ADUs
    • HR notifications are now sent even for staff in higher ADUs
    • Team Calendars are now visible even when containing teams in multiple ADUs
  • Launched a new tool to enable bulk updates to HR employee profile data
  • Enabled the Bradford Factor to cope with sickness absences spanning more than one leave year
  • Fixed an issue where a custom replacement label for TOIL wasn't showing on the Select Employee page
  • Ensured only HR Managers have the option to Archive an employee
  • Forced Approvers to always be listed on new absence request dialog box
  • Fixed a problem with enabling Office 365 integration getting stuck at the scope permissions dialog
  • Launched new Advanced Performance section for HR Success customers
  • Improved Bradford factor handling of absences across non-working days
  • Improved the presentation of large numbers of teams when displayed in the onboarding portal