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December 2019 - Release 15.30.0

  • Xero Integration updates - sync cancelled requests, sync sick reports

  • New Add button on Menu

  • Improved UI on Leave Request dialog to see who the approvers are

  • Fixed an issue where Allowance total was including expired carry over

  • Fixed an issue where the Onboarding Portal configuration page wasn’t showing all configured fields

  • Improved UI where some buttons were not disabling after a request was made

  • Fixed an issue where a notification was being sent after a Checklist had been cancelled

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't start a trial if the Leave Start Month was October

  • Tweaked some Leave Type icons

  • Fixed an issue where some links in Goals emails would not go to the right place

  • Made a change to Demo Data Deletion process

  • Added table name to HR Report Builder options

  • Refreshed Leave and Sickness request icons

  • Improved help text in relation to Two-Factor

  • Improved UI on Leave/Sick request dialog box

  • Added sticky headers to table for improved usability

  • Added list of other Goal Approvers to the approval page

  • Removed notifications related to former employees

  • Improved UI on Roles and Access page

  • Fixed issues where Request Check-ins in Goals wasn’t working

  • Refreshed translations to reflect new updates

  • Updates to Checklist notifications

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