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November 2019 - Release 15.23.1

  • Launched integration with LinkedIn Talent Hub

  • Added ability to configure active leave years across all teams

  • Added Two-Factor Authentication

  • Improved navigation for admins when administering joining employees

  • Improvements to the allowance adjust tool 

  • Fixed an issue where Goal approvals were not appearing for approvers who aren’t collaborators

  • Changes to allow Goal Managers to add any employee as a collaborator

  • Fixed issue where moving an employee to a different team did not give them an allowance

  • Fixed issue where some checklist notifications links weren’t working

  • Fixed issue where employees with read access weren’t able to read Office Locations

  • Improvements to the Alerts panel - only show actions due in the next 30 days, state which field has been changed in field change notifications, user avatar aligned properly

  • Fixed issue where adding an employee from G Suite was causing an error

  • Fixed issue where deleting a checklist was causing an error

  • Improvements to the onboarding portal configuration for Managers and HR Managers

  • Added hover colour to tables for ease of navigation

  • Fixed issue where some leave requests were not syncing to Xero

  • UI tweaks to Leave Request emails

  • Removed auto-complete of date fields for Chrome users

  • Fixed issue where table names were showing inconsistently if the name had been changed

  • Fixed issue where creating teams was causing an error

  • Improved UI on Email Templates page

  • Improved UI on allowances table so unused rows are hidden

  • Fixed an issue in HR Reporting where more than one date condition was causing an error

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