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September 2019 - Release 15.16.12

  • Fixed an issue where checklists were being marked as due a day early

  • Set dialog boxes to a fixed position on screen

  • Changed the design of the Shout-out Leaderboard dialog box

  • Changes to validation checks on CSV uploads

  • Changes to prevent carry over expiry from occurring after the allowance end date

  • Changes to the page title to show the name of the user you are viewing

  • Improvements to installation process for Appogee Goals

  • Changed the design of the notifications widget

  • Fixed an issue where the link in the welcome email was expiring too early

  • Fixed view to show inactive checklist templates

  • Improved security handling of document uploads

  • Fixed issue where deleted employees were not shown in integration lists

  • Made changes to customisation of Onboarding Portal

  • Made a change to ensure dropdown lists are in the same order across the app

  • Moved Goals to sit under the Performance tab

  • Added ability for Leave Type to not require approval

  • Fixed an issue where trial demo data was being duplicated

  • Fixed an issue where Company Documents were not visible for employees

  • Improvements to the Tasks feature in Goals

  • Fixed an issue where HR Assistants were able to edit allowances

  • Fixed issue where Onboarding Portal was showing no office location even when there was one set up

  • Updates to the design of Leave Emails

  • Fixed an issue where logo upload wasn’t working 

  • Fixed an issue where Goal Author could not update Goals

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