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August 2019 - Release 15.13.1

  • Changed checklist target to use name not email
  • Removed listings for former employees in digest emails
  • Added preview tab for acknowledgements to Company Documents and Employee Records 
  • Improved security handling of file uploads
  • Enhanced ical support to include times for request details
  • Provided time based password reset links to prevent occasional issues created by corporate deep packet inspections
  • Updated public holidays for the 2020 UK Bank holiday change
  • Reduced session timeout value to provide enhanced security
  • Added rounding rule options for allowances
  • Added a row to the user’s allowance table breakdown to show expired carry over
  • Updated all approval emails with approve/reject buttons that open the request in the optimum mode
  • Added “back to me” link for employee switcher 
  • Provided 2 addition widgets for Goals Insights: Stale Goals and Recently Updated Goals
  • Improved error handling to provide diagnostic codes for support purposes
  • When approving one request a link is available to take the user to other approvals if any
  • Added ability to force absence requests to be booked in full days only
  • Added ability to make attachments mandatory for selected leave or sick types
  • Notification links updated to ensure they take the user to the correct place
  • Updated the leave reporting of former employees for greater accuracy
  • Extended the API to enable the creation of absence requests as well as updates and workflow actions
  • Fixed an issue which prevented custom checklists from being auto-assigned
  • Increased the maximum length for Onboarding messages to 2000 characters

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