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July 2019 - Release 15.0.10

  • Improvements to the bulk adjust allowances tool

  • Fix to ADU Data Transfer tool

  • Fixed issue where TOIL was showing in the Who’s Off widget

  • Fixed issue where Daily Digest email was sent at the wrong time

  • Updates to Welcome Email

  • Goals V2 released 

    • Introduction of Permissions - Reader, Commenter, Updater and Author

    • Introduction of Feedback options in draft mode and ability to request Check-ins

    • New icons for Check-ins and Shout-outs

    • Introduction of Goal Locking 

    • Introduction of Auto-Archive and Auto-Lock features

    • Ability to change a Goal Type, Alignment or Owner

    • Changes to Key Results and Tasks formatting

    • Introduction of boolean Key Results types 

    • Made changes to alignment rules for increased flexibility

    • Full support for Virtual Teams

  • Fix to HR Report schedule

  • Improvements to Onboarding Portal configuration

  • Made changes to Calendar views to ensure former employees weren’t showing

  • Update to Shout-out widgets and timeline 

  • Removed the need for Tasks in Goals to have due dates

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