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November 2018 - Release 11.20.26

  • Changed radio buttons to a drop down selector on Roles and Access page
  • Fixed an issue which prevented submission of TOIL request if display request in days only is enabled.
  • Added grey border on the Who’s off widget to show which days actually have requests.
  • Improve sync with Xero to prevent duplicate records being generated in some circumstances.
  • Enabled ability for Managers to upload photos for employees
  • Enabled HR Assistant role to export data for all teams.
  • Refreshed colours used for Year at a Glance and separated shading between deducted and non-deducted leave types.
  • Support for Xero UK Payroll API
  • Configuration changes to prepare for introduction of Appogee Goals
  • Added a new total column for non deducted leave in the Team Calendar List View
  • Improved display of TOIL totals in Safari on small screens