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August 2018 : Release 11.17.7

  • Added chevrons to highlight the current label in the category config dropdown selector
  • Revised the text for notification messages when new roles are granted
  • Introduced new setup page graphics
  • Ensured ADUs are correctly rendered for admins who hold no other role
  • Fixed an issue where job title was not always returned in ribbon display after employee search
  • Added a Config button to each data entry form available where the user has permission to modify the form
  • Introduced a revised trial page screen
  • Added content filter checking when uploading documents to enhance security protection
  • Improved server side validation of data changes on save for security protection
  • Implemented an enhanced account lockout regime in the event of a number of failed login attempts
  • Fixed issue with consistently displaying the ADU in the employee ribbon
  • Fixed an issue with displaying records under a custom created sub-tab
  • Fixed a problem displaying a Google calendar if the name included a <br>
  • Fixed a problem with roles sometimes not allowing a team manager access to checklists and the dashboard
  • Added new staff roles for IT, Finance, and HR Assistant and profile preview by role. [Currently in early access release]

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