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June 2018: Release 11.10.6

  • Fixed an issue which prevented leave requested on behalf of a team member from being assigned to a custom allowance
  • Changed primary menu item under Checklists from Create a Template to Assign a Checklist
  • Fixed a problem where members of a virtual team did not always show in team calendar list view
  • Ensure Team Calendar list view shows public holidays related to the selected user rather than the viewer
  • Added user delete option to support GDPR compliance
  • Fixed problems with public holidays displaying correctly in team calendar
  • Added custom fields to user export
  • Added an extra link to record categories view for "Configure Security"
  • Improved handling of search when using extended ascii characters
  • Fixed an issue where the audit trail wasn’t available for adu managers when viewing an employee in a higher adu
  • Added an option to allow syncing the personal email address field with Xero