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May 2018 : Release 11.9.7

  • Introduced email rate limiting to prevent customers receiving too much email in too short a time period
  • Improved error message when logging in with a password when password login is disabled
  • Remove large text from welcome email to attempt to reduce chance of us getting marked as spam
  • Fixed a problem with icons not always rendering correctly on the team calendar list view
  • Redesigned email templates to provide a cleaner look
  • Added an option to turn off password login for customers integrated with a gapps/o365
  • Fix problem with salary reports for sample data not reporting as expected
  • Improved reliability of delivery of notification mails
  • Introduced a GDPR Terms of Service Module
  • Tweeked the Team Calendar list view to improve display of half day absences
  • Added total columns for monthly absences to team calendar list view
  • Prevented employees being archived if they have pending cancellation requests
  • Update the supported SSL versions