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April 2018 Release 11.4.3

  • Improved security for Username/Password login handling
  • Security update to prevent multiple failed password login attempts
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in the Return to Work banner being shown when it should not be shown
  • Introduced option to allow users to create leave on behalf of others
  • Fix bug with csv import
  • Tidied page presentation by removing time pickers from page where auto-calculate time is off
  • Added ability to include/exclude break time when over-riding hours whilst respecting working rotas
  • Improved the handling of rounding decimals for presentation on allowance summary page
  • Fixed an issue where an error would show when trying to submit a sickness request when no sickness categories were defined
  • Introduced a revised Setup Wizard including a Things To Try checklist
  • Introduced new option to include leave type in a google calendar event
  • Improved handling of tabs on Xero and api config settings pages
  • Updated checklist notification email to show target user
  • Improved presentation of the dashboard for managers who are only managers for virtual teams
  • Changes to employee profile to surface categories tab for record only categories