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March 2018 Release 11.0.14

Release notes:

  • Add dismiss button back to notifications widget on dash
  • Released an updated version of the Office 365 Outlook Add-in
  • Various minor display issues fixes
  • Set Team Calendar List view to default to the Employee's team
  • Fixed a bug when a manager with no employees accesses the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug with Team Calendar if a user has no access to any teams
  • Fixed a bug where the audit label wasn't set for active leave years
  • Resolved an inconsistent order of presenting Approve/Reject buttons
  • Ensured Employees only see an Edit button on the Allowance table when they have rights to save changes
  • Fixed a problem with the YaaG not rendering half day absences correctly
  • Launched version 11 with vertical navigation, a new employee ribbon, breaking the employee profile into sections and a new Dashboard
  • Prevent users from disabling the current year as an active leave year
  • Fixed an issue with sync to Xero where a mandatory field is missing
  • Forced HTML text email for approval email signatures
  • Added option to add start and end times to requests for partial days
  • Fixed an issue where the manager of a virtual team could not download exports
  • Added audit tracking to HR Profile address field