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February 2018 Release 10.13.38

Release notes:

  • Introduced an audit log for the Allowance calculator tool

  • Removed the ability to create null leave and sickness types

  • Changed the default record review date

  • Ensured new employees cannot have an allowance prior to their start date

  • Tidied the presentation of allowance hours on the Management page

  • Added a link to the relevant solutions article link on the Backfill tooltip

  • Enabled Google Team calendar syncs in French and Spanish locale

  • Introduced an audit log for the Adjust Allowance Range tool

  • Ensured that selecting an employee name in an HR report redirects to selected employee profile

  • Corrected the St Patrick's day 2018 public holiday import to be Monday 19th March.

  • Ensured that the Adjust Allowance Range year drop-down selector correctly refreshes when changing teams

  • Ensured Leave cancellation approval emails are always sent