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January 2018 Release 10.13.24

Release notes:

  • Implemented tool to enable adjusting allowances in bulk
  • Fixed a problem with errors being shown on leave data exports in some circumstances
  • Implemented a tool to adjust leave start month allowance changes
  • Provided the ability for the absence overview YAAG to render allowances that are more/less than a 12 month leave year
  • Corrected formatting on ‘submit’ button for pending cancellation requests
  • Provided the ability for data exports to include employee start, end and continuous start date information
  • Fixed a problem where team approval flows did not show updated manager email address in some circumstances
  • Fixed a problem where customers were able to add users to exceed their license entitlement
  • Ensured request reasons are synced to Google Calendar for Custom allowances in all circumstances
  • Created an offline page, alerting customers when connection issues are detected
  • Fixed a problem where employees with a negative leave balance were not able to book non-deducted leave
  • Fixed a problem where the public holidays YAAG was not able to toggle between years
  • Provided the ability to edit and delete public holiday profiles
  • Fixed a problem where non- deductive leave types with non-ascii characters could result in an error message
  • Enabled daily digest emails to differentiate half day requests
  • Fixed a problem where public holidays could not be created for 31st December