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Holiday Ban

Our organisation employs a holiday ban (days in which leave can't be taken) across all of its departments.

However, the holiday ban takes place on different dates for each department. To configure these on Appogee we have used Public holidays to create these 'holiday bans'.

We need to be able to record sickness during the holiday ban, whilst not being able to book leave. As far as I can see, which can't be configured.


I have noticed the 'Allow override' option whereby a user can choose the requested time when making a sickness request. The issue this presents us with is that when this is enabled, users are able to do the same for leave requests (which we don't want).

Instead of this, it would be useful to have a separate 'Holiday Ban' option which can be configured. This could then be assigned to a Team or Leave Profile

A holiday ban option would be ideal to implement the ban properly, but could also offer configurable settings like being able to book sickness/TOIL etc.

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  • This has now been implemented in a feature called Compulsory Days. 

    Just head to Process Config > Compulsory Days to get started. 

    For further instructions, please take a look at the following article: Compulsory Days.


    Appogee HR

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