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November 2017 Release 10.10.13

Release notes:

  • Half day public holidays are now rendered on calendars
  • Update in-app support pop- up dimensions to fit a wider range of  screen sizes/resolutions
  • Update request audit now includes who submitted the request
  • Reason request was rejected is now included  in email notifications
  • New  terms and conditions released to customer base to support GDPR requirements 
  • Update calendar on user profile to display public holidays
  • Remove former employees from team calendar, so that team calendars only show active and joining employees
  • Custom date ranges now enabled on Bradford Factor reports
  • Improved mobile responsiveness (more detail available in technote article)
  • Data export now includes who approved requests
  • Data export now details if a request was submitted via backfill
  • Fix approved_by.full_name placeholder in email templates
  • Implement new feature for carry over leave to impose an expiry date
  • Update missing localization in Spanish email templates
  • Ability to add Appogee to home screen on Mobile devices