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October 2017 Release 10.8.14

Release notes:

  • Search box implemented on Office 365/G-Suite import tool for additional usability functionality.
  • Fix a problem with importing multiple Office 365/G-Suite employees
  • Fix a problem with time zones affecting the request sync to Outlook calendar
  • Allow checklists to be targeted at joining and former employees
  • Secondary approvers sent email notification when primary approvers create a request they are not permitted to approve
  • Added functionality for specific user pickers to be able to select joining and former employees
  • Fixed issue with reliably syncing updated requests to Xero
  • Allow HR Managers to see request history of joining and former employees
  • Include date in ‘Who’s off today’ widget found under Management dashboard
  • Added a Division picker to the team calendar
  • Timezones on Windows machine affecting in-app calendar not rendering correctly in some cases
  • Digest emails can now include open sickness requests and requests from virtual teams
  • Updated system emails for customers using Spanish
  • Bradford factor implemented for sickness request tracking
  • Fix to ensure acknowledgment alerts are automatically removed for deleted documents
  • Improved system localization in Spanish based on feedback received
  • Enable default HR report fields to be shown in Spanish and French
  • Improved setup wizard to be quicker to configure
  • Enabled ability for ADU admin to create employees in parent division
  • Prevent creation of teams with duplicated name
  • Added ability for employee profile address fields to be copied and pasted
  • Enabled configuration of  virtual team approval flow by copying leave/sickness/toil approval flow