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Toil leave visible on calendar

Need toil to be visible on calendar so we we know when staff are out of the office.

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  • Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for your feature suggestion.

    TOIL works by adding time to the employee's annual leave allowance.

    TOIL is not an allowance type, but you may wish to have a custom allowance named TOIL, then when an employee books leave with this type it is rendered on the calendar.

    Many thanks,

    Appogee HR.

  • All that makes sense about what TOIL is - it would however be helpful to see this highlighted in the calendar rather than only in the audit trail.¬†

  • The other problem is that (at least in Australia) Annual leave has a 'leave loading' on it, so when you take annual leave you actually get paid 117.5% of your salary, and Time in Lieu does not (as it is a replacement day, not a 'true' holiday). So therefore if we just make TOiL a type of annual leave it calculates incorrectly. So we need it to be calculated independently of annual leave, and of course we do need to be able to see when people are out of the office....

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