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Bulk update of compulsory holiday/ shutdown periods

Most commonly the Holiday period across December. Workaround suggested by support using public holidays, however this requires adjustment to users total holiday allocation e.g forced 3 days shut down using public holiday requires reduction in user holiday allocation by 3 days causing 2 issues:

1) Requirement to bulk change all users allocation each year where shut down varies.

2) Users seeing lower value as allocated holiday entitlement with variance to their contracts.

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    In our organisation we have days which employees must take. They may or may not be taken from their allowance too. For example, if the company decides to close over 4 days between Christmas and New Year then the company will close for the holiday period and inform each employee that 2 days will be given free and 2 days will be taken from the each individuals allowance. 


    In our organisation, public holidays are included in the employee's allowance, and are treated as compulsory holidays. This means that a public holiday on a Monday must be taken as leave for someone on a five-day contract, but does not count against the allowance of someone who works Tuesday-Friday.

  • Similar to Jack, in our markets we have holidays that are fixed on a date every year, and will fall on different days as the year progress. When it hits a Saturday, we will provide 1 day allowance in lieu back to the employee's leave entitlement. Can the system take care of this, rather than us having to manually adjust each employee's entitlement? 

  • We're also looking for Bulk backfill holiday requests for Christmas shut down. Any chance to have this feature?

  • Was about to raise a new feature request for this, but found this from 3+ years ago. Bulk backfill would be an incredibly useful feature. Using the backfill interface is slow, as it has to be done for each employee for each day of leave, is there a way we can import the data, or update all employees at once, or have some kind of API access so we can automate the backfill?

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