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Can we have different colours for different leave/sick types

These can exclude the ones already used.

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  • I need to have absence (annual leave) and toil leave in a different colour.  When project deadline is not meet due to absence we need to see a fully summary view on their calendar of where their time had been allocated.  


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  • Yes Jack.  I am crying out for this idea with working with nearly 200 staff working late and claim time in lieu separate from their holiday entitlement.

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  • We have now implemented a change whereby approved non-deducted leave types show in a lighter green in the calendar, to differentiate between approved deducted which is darker green. 

  • Hello I created a leave for home working. It would be great to have another color for this specific leave type.

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  • Light color is not enough it would be great have a different color

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  • I agree different leave colours for different leave types as well as the ability to upload our own icons for leave types.

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