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Users should be able to indicate specific times for leave days

While it is nice to be able to adjust leave for partial days, there really is no way of the employer tracking when the employee will be gone on partial days. As a smaller school with the need to find substitutes, this feature is key to our use and utilisation of the product. The Google Calendar sync functionality is also great but if there are no times associated with the leave requests, then it really doesn't fulfil our needs.

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  • I would add the possibility of setting also the out of office in Google only for the period specified, i.e. from 2 to 4 pm and so on.

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  • I have been asking for Appogee to do this for years but my requests have been falling on deaf ears despite many others requesting the same. We'll all vote with our feet soon! It's not rocket science and should be relatively easily to implement.

    People should be able to book off in blocks of 15 minutes and then this dispalyed at the actual times in Google Calendar, rather than the present situation where it shows users off on a day but with no information about the actual times.

    Also agree with the out of office request.


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  • This has been implemented  -If you go to the Leave Profile, and click on Working Rota, you'll see there is an option at the top to 'Allow Override'. If you enable this, employees will get an option when they submit their Leave Request to override the times and input the start and end time.