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Control acces to leave types

We would like the ability to select which leave types to apply to which users as not all our users are entitled to all leave types.



FYI I have created different Employment Profiles and have allocated different groups of employees to one of these. 
However, when an employee applies for leave, ALL leave types are available in the dropdown box, not just the ones applicable to his own Employment Profile. 
Similarly, if I use the Backfill button to submit a leave request on an employee's behalf, the dropdown box gives me access to ALL leave types.
This is where it gets confusing. Employees are choosing the wrong annual leave type.
It would be helpful if, at Leave Type level, we could attach a specific leave type to a specific Employment Profile so that only those leave types are available in the dropdown box.

Ticket no. 7766 refers.

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  • Another possibility is to allow to set Max Allowance exceed for Leave Types not defined in the Leave Profile to 0, in order to prevent users to request allowance.

  • We would find it EXTREMELY useful to have the HR Admin user be able to allocate certain leave types such as TOIL and Working From Home behind the scenes, but not have it available to all staff as an automatic drop-down option. As things stand, we have had to disable both these leave types to prevent staff being able to choose them, but this means we are unable to effectively track these types of leave within the system on the occasions it is granted on a discretionary basis. 

  • We allow those options Joanne but we make a manager sign them off, so our staff can't book any leave types without authorisation

  • Hi Amy, thanks for your reply. That would work in terms of ensuring approval is in place. But in our case we prefer not to offer TOIL/WFH as options at the employee end, as we don't want to encourage staff to consider these types of leave as a standard option alongside annual leave, when in fact we only offer TOIL/WFH infrequently and on a discretionary basis. So having them as leave types available behind the scenes would be useful so that it can be tracked by HR when taken, but not openly available for anyone to request.

  • an option to assign leave types e.g. by division or by team will be helpful, indeed. 

    Not all leave types are relevant for all locations.

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