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Customized Roles

It would be great if we can also customise roles on top of having the default ones. Say we want a user to have access to reporting but we do not want to give him a manager role. We can create a new role, with a new title and select what the employee has access to, in this case, we would select he has access to the reporting tab.

Similar to the Custom Admin Privileges in G-Suite admin console

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  • Agreed this is a good idea, a more granular permission structure so admins can set user access to specific parts of the application. 

  • This would be great for us. We would like our Finance team to have access to reports without being managers.

    Additionally, we would like to be able to change the functions that a standard user is able to do, for example, we would only like for team managers and HR managers to be able to book sick on behalf of someone, and people were unable to create sickness requests for themselves.

  • We have introduced the following roles for visibility of certain aspects of the system: 

    HR Assistant

    Payroll Admin

    IT Manager 

    In Appogee HR, you are able to select which role has permission to view fields and categories by going to Process Config > Fields & Security

    In Appogee Leave, you are able to select which role has permission to undertake Leave tasks by going to Process Config > Leave Security

    To grant users access to these roles, go to Roles & Access. 


    Appogee HR

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