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Time: Location Recording

Applicable packages Leave HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

You can use the location recording feature in the system to manage where you plan on working from. 

This is available in the Today page and also the Location page of Time. 

Default Routine

You can set a Default Routine for yourself, which will determine your normal working locations. This will populate your planned location report.

Use the drop down lists to choose which location you work on each day. If it is different on some mornings and afternoons, you can click the tick at the bottom. 

Location Tracking

You will need to confirm your working location for every day by clicking on the tick button on the right side of the location - this will mean you have 'checked in' to the location. 

Confirmed locations will show as a filled colour, while unconfirmed locations will be an outline colour.

If you are working from a location which is not part of your routine, you can add a new location by clicking on the plus button. 

This will open a dialog where you can add a new location. Choose a location from the dropdown and whether you're there for a full day, the morning or the afternoon.

You can work from more than one location in a day if you need (e.g. visiting multiple customer sites). 

You can update or delete a location if you've confirmed it by accident, or are no longer planning to attend. Click the location bubble and it will open a dialog. 

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