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Getting the most out of Appogee Leave

Take a look at our handy hints for getting the most out of your Appogee Leave subscription. 

Set up Leave and Sickness types with multiple configuration options

Leave and Sickness types are really customisable so that you can ensure your Appogee Leave set up completely compliments your absence policies. 

You can set up various Leave & Sickness types either using our defaults or by adding your own. 

On top of that you can have various configurations: 

  • Deducted or non-deducted
    • Choose if Leave of this type will deduct from your employees' Leave allowances or not. Switching off deducted Leave can help you cater for different scenarios such as training or offsite meetings during which the employee is out of the office, but not using up Leave. 

  • Requires approval or not
    • Choose if certain Leave types will need approvals or not. This can be useful if you don't need an approval flow for some Leave types. 

  • Mandatory attachments
    • Some Leave requests may require supporting evidence before they are approved, switch on the mandatory attachments setting to ensure your employees are providing this. Examples could be Jury Service or Maternity Leave

  • Recurring requests
    • Your employees may have consistent leave patterns, for example, working from home every other Friday. You can enable recurring requests per Leave Type to so they only need to submit 1 request for a series of events

  • Free/Busy events
    • If you have Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 integrated calendars, you can choose whether events show in your calendar as free or busy. For example, if you're working from home, you'll want your calendar to show as available, but annual leave will need to be blocked out

Set up multiple Leave Profiles with different allowance options

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