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Using the Hire integration

NOTE: Google have made the decision to sunset Hire by Google on September 1, 2020

Once you've enabled the Hire by Google integration, you can use it to pull your new starters across into Appogee HR to streamline your onboarding process. 

The process starts when you mark someone as Hired in Hire. 

To sync their start date, select one from the dropdown. 

Then, go into Appogee HR. 

Go to Organization > Employees. Select Offer Accepted. 

This may not show any employees, so click the Refresh button on the right hand side to re-sync.

Click on the employee's name, the add employee dialog will pop up - the wizard will take you through the key steps of adding an employee, including setting up the Onboarding Portal for them. 

Some of the fields will have been pre-populated using the information found in Hire, such as job title and start date. Double check the information on the Work Profile and Employment Status tabs and then click next to Google Hire. This page will have brought through information from Hire based on the fields you have in your Appogee HR configuration. 

Check you're happy with this and then click next. Continue through the setup until you get to the Add Employee section. Once you're happy with the configuration, click Add Employee and then you'll see the employee in the Joining status. 

For more details on how to add a user to Appogee HR, please see here

For more details on how to configure the Onboarding Portal, please see here



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