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How to make use of the Appogee HR Onboarding Portal

The goal of the Onboarding Portal is to prepare new hires (those users in the Joining state where their start date is in the future) for their first days with the organization so they get productive as quickly as possible.  This is enabled by providing access to selected elements of Appogee HR to the joiners via a web browser, potentially before a domain email address has been created for them by using their personal email address as their identifier.

The elements of the Onboarding Portal are welcome messages by the organization and the joiners Manager, information about their first day including an office location map and short bios from new team members.  They will also have an opportunity to review selected Company Documents, which could include links to training materials, and an ability to upload required Employee Records, such as proof of Right to Work documentation.  They will also have the ability to let you know of any upcoming leave or sickness commitments they may have to assist with induction planning.

The Onboarding Portal works by using templated information for Joiners which can be customized for specific hires where appropriate.  This minimizes administration of the Onboarding Portal while keep the flexibility needed for ad-hoc arrangements.

A joiner can have access to the following: 

  • Home
    • Company Welcome Message
    • HR Welcome Message - What to expect on your first day
    • Team Manager Welcome Message
    • Meet your colleagues
    • Map
  • My Profile
    • Profile fields for the employee to update
    • Fields can be optional or mandatory
    • If no fields configured, this tab does not show
  • My Records
    • Upload records
    • View records uploaded by HR/Team Manager
    • If none configured, this tab does not show
  • Company Documents
    • View and Acknowledge Company Documents
    • If none configured, this tab does not show
  • Pre-Book Leave
    • Advise employer of any pre-booked leave or sickness
    • If switched off, this tab does not show
  • My Colleagues
    • View photo, job title and bio of colleagues

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