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What is a Checklist?

A Checklist is a to-do list which sets out a series of steps that will be required to complete a workflow process.  

By creating templates for frequently used Checklists you can ensure staff can follow a consistent set of steps when encountering a situation they are not used to doing on a daily basis - such as hiring a new member of staff or carrying out a performance review.  

Checklists can be created on the fly as needed or a template can be used to start a process off and modified to suit the specific need at the time.  

Each item on a checklist can then be ticked as complete by by the specific target User managing the workflow process. Checklists can be created from Checklist Templates, or created from scratch.

If there are 10 items on a checklist and one is completed the checklist is shown in Appogee HR as 10% complete.  

Once 100% of items are ticked off an option is provided to the target User to submit the completion of the Checklist which can then trigger notification alerts based on the defined Checklist notification rules.

Only HR Managers can create Templates and assign Checklists. 

A Configuration setting on each Checklist determines if Managers can assign that Checklists.

Checklists specify a due date, and provide reminders relative to that due day.

An example of a checklist is:

For offboarding leavers:

"Sample leaver checklist"

set to automatic assignment when the employee status is set to Former, and assign to the target's Manager.

For further information on checklists, please see here.

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