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Can I set up a notification about employee birthdays?

A notification can be configured on all date fields within Appogee HR.

These notifications can be allocated to various user roles, with a configurable notification message.

The notification date is also configurable so that it can happen before or after a date and repeat on a schedule.  A simple notification that will let Team Managers know when their employee's birthday is will be to configure a notification as shown in the screen below.  This defines the trigger field to be Date of Birth, and that the trigger should be 1 year after, repeating annually.  The notification will go to the Employee's Primary Team Manager, and you can enter any text you like in the Notification message box.

Its easy to imagine notifications being useful on the one, five, ten year anniversary's of joining, so you may want to set those up also.  You get a variety of options on who should receive the notification message, including:

For further information on how to configure a notification, please see here.

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